How I introduce myself as a host

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Reykjavík, Iceland

How I introduce myself as a host

Hi here from Reykjavík, Iceland ... 


My profile just decours me as I am - I made it personal as I am sharing my space with my guests, so I think it is important

that they know a little bit about me.    I have humor, am likeable and like to have a little conversation with my guests and

if I can give them advice on their next adventure, I always am ready to do so.    I even sent one guest with a special thing for

his shoes because I knew the next place he would be at is above the artic circle, so he had to be safe walking in the snow and ice there.

He sent me a big thank you after he arrived there and was grateful that I let him have that.


Hope I can become a part of this great community and learn from the best 🙂 Asta 

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Hey @Àsta0 I hope you're well. Welcome to the Community Center! 🎉

That is such a kind gesture, I'm sure your Guest was very appreciative 😄

I visited Iceland when I was a student, I loved my trip! Everyone was so friendly, food was good and the areas are so scenic and breathtaking 😍 I visited during the winter and I've heard in the summer, it's totally different! Have you always lived in Reykjavík?

Feel free to introduce yourself on this thread below where
many fellow newcomers are saying hello!👇🏽

Just tagging a few lovely Hosts so they can also introduce themselves to you @Eileen462 and @Patricia2526 😊 



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Welcome Asta! 

Iceland is stunningly beautiful! It is good to meet you! We host in our home as you do.  Like you, we love being a resource for our guests. Together, we share the unique offerings of our homes and the land we live on with our curious and open-minded visitors, making the world a friendlier place, a smaller place. This is the great gift of being hosts. 

I look forward to sharing with you in this community!