Joint ownership of a house

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Joint ownership of a house

I have joint ownership of a house with my husband. Can he sign an agreement with Airbnb without my approval? he has done that for a couple of the homes that we own in NV. But those houses were in trust under his name.


Thank you for your help.



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@Toubi0 yes.

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@Toubi0  Airbnb does not ask for proof of ownership nor documentation from a lease tenant by the homeowner in order to list a property. In fact, some homeowners who have found out that their tenant has listed the place on Airbnb in contravention of the lease agreement of no subletting have had an impossible time trying to get Airbnb to take the listing down and can only solve the issue by evicting the tenant, which can be a lengthy process.


So your issue won't be addressed by Airbnb- it's something you would have to deal with privately through your lawyer.

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