New Host West Virginia

New Host West Virginia

Hello all, going on forth year of hosting in NJ. Looking at property in the 'New River' area of WV. Any advice on managing properties in multiple states? Will be picking up a small cabin in the area around Sandstone. Im currently operating 3 units in NJ. One single family, and one duplex with 2 STRs. The WV property will be seasonal, the others operate year round. 

Our overall goal is to relocate full time to WV, during the interval we will be operating in two states. 


Pretty open ended question but just curious to hear input on how others would approach this general situation. Distance between the two areas is 6 hours. 






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Community Manager
Community Manager
Port Moody, Canada

Hello @Michael8924, welcome to our community,


While other Hosts come across your post, I wanted to ask if you have received any answers elsewhere. Have you joined the Local Host Club closest to your location? This can be a great way to exchange ideas and experiences with Local Hosts.


Keep us posted.



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