Pet's allowed selection not showing up in amenities or searches

Pet's allowed selection not showing up in amenities or searches

I've had my property on Airbnb for over a year as a non-pet rental, and have recentaly decided to allow people to bring pets during their stay.  But I'm having a problem altering the listing to switch on the "pet's allowed" selection.  It is ticked in the House Rules and shows up as such in this section - but the Amenities still shows it as pets not allowed (and there is no pets toggle in amenities). Critically, my property isn't selected if I do a third-party search with the pet filter on - which is the way that potential guests would be searching for vacation rentals allowing pets.  I've contacted Airbnb who say it is a problem at their end.  Has anybody else had this problem and know how long it's been there?

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Zagreb, Croatia

@Francis5 it doesn't have to show in amenities, it is just not showing in house rules as forbidden . We allow pets so look at our listings, it is the same as yours.

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Coolum Beach, Australia

I have the same issue.  One just listed my property as pets allowed but when I search using that filter my property doesn't come up even though the host settings are correct and the pet sign is showing up.  

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Twin Falls, ID

I have a couple of properties that are pet friendly but I get questions asking if we are and that they don't see anything about it on the listing. I checked my listing preview and I cannot find our pet policy anywhere! When I go to editing, there isn't any option for it in the amenities (which is where they say it's located). I only have it in the booking settings and have it under house rules to say Pets Allowed. However, when I preview my listing again under House Rules it doesn't say anything about pets. Help!