Phone call scam?


Phone call scam?

I got a booking request from a guest from Trinidad & Tobago, who told me he was coming to Norway for skydiving with his friends from USA. He was arriving a few days before his friends and wanted to explore the city. He sent the arrival date, flight number and his phone number in airbnb message. I accepted the request without any suspicious thoughts. Then he told me he would like to ask some questions but wanted to call instead. 


After a few hours he cancelled the reservation and apologized for changing his planes. Then I got a phone call from a number in Trinidad and Tobago. I thought it was s bit strange because he cancelled the reservation, so I didn’t answer the call. The guy then told me in airbnb message that he was calling because he wanted to rebook again and was apologizing. I understood something was wrong and told him he was welcome to rebook but first had to verificate his ID in airbnb. He told me there was a problem with ID verification and since then I didn’t hear anything from him. 


Now I understand it was a phone call scam brought up to the new level. Watch out hosts!


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Wild guess... he booked to get your phone number and exact address, then cancelled his booking and get refunded, then called you to make a reservation outside Airbnb and save on service fee.

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After having read everything I've come to the conclusion,

that I am not interested to explore this topic any further.


@Ute42   LMAO  I read it all too, but was going not going to reply until I saw your post lol...

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I do have one thing to add about hosts who do not answer the phone, scam or no scam. I was checking in to a place in the Blue Mountains, could not find the house when I was on the street. So rather than trying a house and risk getting a neighbour I rang the host. She did not answer the phone. I eventually found the house, told her I had rung and she said ''oh was that you? I didn't answer because I didn't know who it was.''

Phonecalls are not all scams. It might just be a guest. So answer the phone.

@Sandra126  I do agree with  you I actually got another cellphone to list with my rentals and Venue only. That phone rings I answer period I don't care if it's 2 AM if I have guests staying. My personal cellphone no do not answer strange numbers, unless it's one of the ringtones set for my family which could be an emergency late at night or early morning.  Also as an FYI for others you can have two phone numbers on the same cellphone. You just need to request it from your service provider, I justed opted for two seperate phones by choice.