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    A few years ago, we went to Canada. A trip we decided to take before being thrust into the hectic adventure of parenthood, as I was 4 months pregnant at the time. Before I left, I learned that I had gestational diabetes. Ouch! And here I was, dreaming of ... Latest reply by Gillian166
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    Hi everyone When I was young, my parents would take my sister and I up to Edinburgh each December, to choose and buy presents for our family. When I think back on those times I feel so nostalgic. As a kid, everything seemed so bright, so shiny, a... Latest reply by Jenny
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    Hi everyone, I’m Deirdre, an experience host in Cape Town, South Africa. I host wildlife safaris from the back of a horse, and I also have an online experience, taking guests from around the world on a virtual safari. This time of year in South Africa i... Latest reply by Helen427
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    8:30 am A little warm sunshine smiles through the silky drapes of the large French windows. A soothing wet tongue licks my foot that is peeping out from under the soft white duvet. What a feeling! I yawn and stretch, rubbing my eyes that are heavy from a... Latest reply by Quincy
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    When I create a Guide Book, which I did. Will my guests that have booked, see it automatically?Do they have to know to search for it here on the site? Or what?I mentioned to them that I created a Guide Book (via chatting with them here). But I still was... Latest reply by Rosita56
    When I opened my home in 2017 I had no idea that in just five short years I would host artists, musicians, and professionals from over ten countries. Oh, it hasn’t always been easy. I’ve had my share of struggles with the differences in cultures. There ... Latest reply by Eyal11
    Hi everyone! It’s that time of year again where we hold our 6th annual Month of Celebration here on the Community Center. For the newcomers to the CC, we’ve been running this festival every year since 2017 – it works a little bit like an advent ca... Latest reply by Emilie
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    Hi everyone, This time of the year, in the Northern Hemisphere, most of us are in hibernation mode. What better way to make it through a very wintery day than to cozy-up under a blanket, grab some snacks, and watch a movie While we can’t provide bla... Latest reply by Emilie