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May 27th was the celebration of Ade's and my 50th wedding anniversary, so I booked Kareena and Kel's Airbnb farmstay in the southern highlands of New South Wales and the family had a lovely few nights and days there.Kareena provided us with a lovely home... read more
That's our first 50.....now for the next
Latest reply by Robin4
Hi everyone, I love whenever we have a new Spotlight as I enjoy learning more about the Hosts we have on the CC. This time, we introduce @Yvonne41, who has been a member for a while but has managed to lay low. This changes now; let's show her some C... read more
Community Spotlight: Yvonne41
Latest reply by Nick
We’re back with another Spotlight on one of the members of the Host Advisory Board, and this time we’re featuring @Samuel604. Fun facts about Sam: Sam is a hard-working educator, teaching high school students in Philadelphia.Sam has had a varied car... read more
Host Advisory Board Spotlight: Sam shares his work on diversity and inclusion
Hi everyone, Did you see the announcement on the 100+ upgrades across Airbnb? In May, Airbnb leaders and Host Community Leaders held an event for local AU Host Clubs to discuss what these changes mean for Hosts. It was great to see @Cathie19 partici... read more
Travel insights from Australia Host Tour event
Latest reply by Nick
Hey everyone, Have you ever dreamed about living nomadically? I certainly have Airbnb is launching "Live Anywhere", a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for 12 participants and up to three companions each to live exclusively in listings on Airbnb for ... read more
Where would you go if you could live anywhere?
Latest reply by Amy158
I say to guests when they leave, if they enjoyed their stay and wish to return in the future send a new enquiry via the Airbnb search page, put in the required stay dates and I will send a special offer for the new booking.In the past it has worked, a new... read more
Latest reply by Larry339
Here's a new one on us: Yesterday we received a voicemail and an email from Airbnb. Has Airbnb ever actually called you? Our first thought was that it was some kind of scam. The message was to the effect that Airbnb would not "support the reservation" o... read more
Latest reply by Christine615
I have been hosting for a year now and I am going to be honest. There has been a lot of ups and downs. I mainly use these forums to vent. My venting is about crappy guest, vague/missing Airbnb policies and poor support. Normally, I tell my side of the si... read more
We had a recent poll on what kind of space you host, the results of which surprised our mod, @Quincy. According to the poll, cottages are more popular than anyone expected! One of my personal favorite types of homes, I was asked if I would share a few ti... read more
7 Tips For Hosting From A Cottage
Latest reply by Laura2592
After pausing for a year and starting hosting again recently, I received a few booking enquiries and requests from guests with kids and just realized the search filter for family-friendly listings is gone.Why oh why??? What was the name of these search op... read more
Latest reply by Kevin-s0
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