How can a guest who cancelled, still leave a review?

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How can a guest who cancelled, still leave a review?

I got this email from airbnb today asking me to review a guest who had cancelled. 


"Tell Amber and Tara what you loved and what they can do better


You can leave a review for your guest even though the trip was cancelled. We won’t share your review until after Amber leaves feedback for you."
This is a dangerous thing for a host since many times the guests do not get a refund and are MAD about that. Then, they get a chance to leave a review and you know it can't possibly be GOOD! Heck, the guest didn't even step foot on your property or even see it in person or meet you. How can they review you?
That's just crazy airbnb. 
So, if I do not leave a review am I correct in thinking that the guests potentially bad review won't become public on my listing OR their potentially less than 5 star rating be included in the ratings? 
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It is worrying, @Donald28, with the phrasing "even though the trip was cancelled". That means it wasn't in error that the review is possible. Someone else mentioned this recently, too. You are not the first to see that message. Kind of scary.

I wonder what the criteria is? I have had a number of people cancel because of changes in plans, grandma is ill, etc., in part, I think, because cancelling is now penalty-free, and there have been no review prompts. Is it only when a refund is not possible? So only when the guest will be good and steamed? 

The Help pages still say that a review has to be about a 'stay' (so one would assume 'not a non-stay'), and that it has to be the author's personal experience. 

Are you up to phoning or tweeting to politely but firmly argue it out? Will you let us know how it goes?




I'm worried as well. I had a guest book ( I have IB) for the same day arrival. He then cancelled a coiple of hours later through Airbnb, I never talked or messaged with him. AirBnb pays me and is now asking me to review him??? I think this will be a problem:(.

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If so, then this is another Airbnb absurdity, for if someone didn't stay in the first place, what exactly are they being allowed to and are capable of 'reviewing'? The fact that they did or didn't get a ~full~ refund? Something wrong with this picture.

@Fred13@Donald28@Lawrene0 I'm going to call in the am, I'll update as soon as I talk with Airbnb CS.

Please do @Sharion0.

@Fred13@Donald28@Lawrene0 I just finished a phone call with Airbnb CS, rep is Larry. I explained the unfairness of having a guest who I never met review me and my property ( you know the guest is going to be angry when he recieves his credit card statement and see's  a charge for a room he cancelled an hour after reserving ...1st time Airbnb user as well). Anyway, Larry at CS tells me that this has come up several times in their office meetings and they are looking to fix this issue. At this time he notated my listing to delete any negative review I recieve from the guest who cancelled, of course I'm not going to review him:). 

Thanks, @Sharion0. This is good information.

Something is wrong with this. I had a problem with a guest smoking in my room. I tried to cancel with a guest that was scheduled later that day. She insisted on coming anyways. Then she said after 15 minutes she could stay because of the odor.  I gave her a fully refund on a non refundable booking and she left a horrible review.  1 star in ever category. Worst thing yet is she is another host. I argued she didn’t stay. What could she possibly be reviewing.  Plus I refunded her money.  Well that will be the last time I’m so kind. I’ve learned doing the kind thing isn’t always helpful. She’s ruined my Airbnb. 

@Laura7242 Should that ever happen again or something similar that makes it difficult to host the next guest - always contact Airbnb CS so they can cancel from their side and also they can contact the guest on your behalf and cancel the stay. If I were you I would write Airbnb CS as they can read your correspondence between you and the smoking guest and the correspondence between you and the recent guest who decided to stay despite you warning her about the smell of smoke. Airbnb might help you remove the review. 
If a guest stay isn’t cancelled at least before midnight prior to check in- the guest will always get the email asking to review - the system

is set up to send those emails automatically. So definitely reach out to Airbnb CS. 
Best, Sandra

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Thanks but that still doesn't make sense for the guests who cancel days in advance and do not even see or step foot on your property. How could they get to leave a review? 


I can see leaving reviews if guests arrived and the airbnb looked like a dump or they actually stayed a day or 2 and found out the host was an **bleep** and then left early. Both reviews are going to be negative for sure. 

Exactly @Donald28. It makes little sense, for it is illogical; unless Airbnb's intent is to expand guest rights for the sake of social appeasement, OR making booking with them even more 'attractive' by allowing the guests the new 'right of fear' derived from the reviews a guest now gets to read between the time he made the reservation and actual arrival. Wild thought, I admit.

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I think being able to review a guest that cancels is a great idea.  I have had guests cancel because when it became evident that they did not read the listing, their needs did not match my listing.  I think this is good information to provide in a review.  As a host I would like to know that.

Linda you obviously aren't a superhost and have no intentions of being one. Otherwise, you wouldn't want a guest leaving you a bad review.