Locating Air B&B annual income on site?

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Locating Air B&B annual income on site?

Hi, can anyone please help me to locate the annual billing /income page for my Air B&B listing? the site has changed since I last looked and I can't navigate to it

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Hello @Jaq164 


In host mode click on "Insights" then select "Earnings" and choose "show transaction history".  Airbnb will ask you for a 2 step authorisation process at this stage with a code sent either to your mobile or email address and then you should have your earnings per reservation show up.


Hope this works for you,


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@Jaq164   On a computer desktop, primary menu at the top of the page, it is under Insights, Earnngs, scroll down to the View Transaction History  link and then select which CSVs you want to download from the page presented.


As the year is not yet finished, you will want to download and then combine the information from completed payouts and upcoming payouts.

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