11% Tax Fee for Guest in Austin Texas

11% Tax Fee for Guest in Austin Texas


I was hoping someone can help me with this question. From my understanding Airbnb only takes out the 6% state taxes, and not the 11% city taxes. I was on the phone with Airbnb support, and they told me we have to add the 11% fee tax manually in our description in order to charge the guest the 11% taxes, if not, we as host have to pay for the 11% at the end of each quarter. I wanted to know how other host in Austin Texas go about this? Please let me know as this would be super helpful. Thank you so much! 



Gia and Andre 

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Hi @Gia-And-Andre0 👋


I hope this finds you well. I found these 2 articles on the Airbnb Help Center that may support you with finding the answer: 


Rules | Host | Austin, Texas

Occupancy tax collection and remittance by Airbnb in Texas

Please let me know if this helps 😊



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