Airbnb Taxes for Unincorporated Los Angeles

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Pasadena, CA

Airbnb Taxes for Unincorporated Los Angeles

Hello, I'm looking for anyone who's been running an Airbnb in the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles and knows the rules and taxes that must be paid inside and out.  I've gotten some conflicting information.


Can anyone advise me on everything they know and personally do regarding taxes for these parts of the county, and rules for ADUs and duplexes with their Airbnb in this area?  I would much appreciate any help.


Thank you!

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Topanga, CA

Hi Dustin!

On September 19th Unincorporated LA's Board of Supervisors was planning on adopting broad and severe restrictions on short term rentals.  We stopped them for now with our petition. 
If you run an Airbnb-style rental in Unincorporated Los Angeles County now is the time to speak up! 
Check out this FAQ  to see how you will be specifically impacted and read our petition to see what you can do. 
And please sign and share!
Also please share with anyone you know who will be impacted by these restrictions!  If you have any questions don't hesitate to email

**[Phone number and email address hidden due to safety reasons - Community Center Guidelines]

Thank you!
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Hi there @Dustin195, perhaps it's worth taking a look on our "Get Local" page as you might have better chances to connect with local Hosts who might be able to share tips. 


Good luck!



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