Airbnb fees

Airbnb fees

I see that Airbnb has different fee structures. 

Anything between 3%-14%.


Our property is listed as 3 months rental.

I checked FIRM under the cancellation policy.


Can someone near me in Panama advise how much

can I expect to pay Airbnb for Hosting?







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@Orit-Pines0 The fees are pretty standard worldwide. 

There are two models

Simplified pricing: Host pays 15%+VAT guest pays zero

"normal pricing': Guest pays 14.2%+VAT, Host pays 3%+VAT

As the percentages are on different figures these two models are equal to within less than 1 %


Having written all that I see you are renting for 3+ months. I think this means a lower guest fee under normal pricing but I am not sure.

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Simple answer: 3%, unless you choose to go in a different route.

Btw,  Airbnb is best for STR, for longer ones (past 28 days) there are other booking-agency choices just as attractive.