Apartment Crete Greece

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Rethimno, Greece

Apartment Crete Greece

I'm starting.There's one order.What percentage of customer filling can be out for a year?

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Hi @Andrei405 

I have been to Crete and loved it! Good luck with your Airbnb.

There is no answer for your question really, it depends on so many things. Look at the calendars of other Airbnb's in your area to get an idea of how busy they are and also if you are priced right for what you offer. After you have a few reviews you should get more bookings. At the beginning its best to have shorter stays to get more reviews.

I know you didn't ask for a critique of your listings  but one thing I would do is make the beds look more inviting- in the one bedroom listing there are no bedside tables/lamps and in the 2 bedroom listing it looks like the beds only have sheets on them??

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To get an idea of likely demand you need to carry out market research through for example your local tourist board and AirDNA to understand what demand is likely in your location for your sort of property.


Generally in Europe we are experiencing oversaturated markets and falling demand. @Andrei405