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Bank account

Hello I was wondering when you opened your bank account. Did you open a business or personal? If you opened a business did you have to give a federal tax id? Did you have to provide any more information? I only have one property and I’m new to hosting. Any help or information would be great.


I just posted it this evening. It’s asking me for my banking information. I forgot all about that part.  lol I don’t want the money going into my personal account. I’m using it for Short term rental. I will be staying at my place 30% out of the year. 

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@Shruti7 asked this previously on the thread Bank account business or personal?

It seems that the general consensus is that a business account could be beneficial. 

I'm tagging in @Emmanuel1303 & @Ismael142 who are both Superhost in the area; they may be able to pop by to support you 😊


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