Cleaning Payment

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Cleaning Payment

Why is the Host keeping $50-75 per clean and not paying me (the cleaner who does all the actual cleaning) the full amount? Is this legal? She already charges the owner 10%. Is there a remedy for this?

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hello @Lindsay579,

I have good and bad news.


The good news is that after reading your profile description, if I had a property in your area, you would now have another property to take care of. Unfortunately, I don't. 

The bad news is that the income from a guest comes in two forms: night rate and cleaning fees. Some hosts don't charge cleaning fees at all because it is included in the night fee. Some hosts offer a low night fee and high cleaning fees to compensate. So it doesn't mean that if she charges whatever it is totally for cleaning, but also to cover other costs like restocking amenities, toilet paper, cleaning materials, etc.


With your ambition, you will probably later on consider a co-host position that will allow you to clean and manage other people's properties. This way, you will be able to have a share of the income. Airbnb already has a solution on its platform for how co-hosts can manage properties for other hosts.


All the best.

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@Lindsay579 There are a myriad of reasons why the cleaning fee does not match the amount paid to the cleaner. It could be that the host is building up a fund to pay for replacement/damaged bedding/furnishings. It could be used to pay for cleaning supplies or supplies left for the guest. As long as you are being paid a fair rate for your work the cleaning fee should be irrelevant to you. In the same way many guests get fixated on the cleaning fee vs nightly rate vs tax but a sensible guest should just look at the overall cost for their stay and choose a property accordingly.

I did not feel my rate was fair and had asked for more money. She charged the owner separately for guest supplies and I provided my own cleaning supplies and equipment.


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@Lindsay579 If the host is paying you the amount you agreed upon, then I don't understand your concern, but isn't this a question you should be asking of the host? 

When I asked her, she lied about it.