Help in there a place with all definitions re: Taxes?

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Help in there a place with all definitions re: Taxes?

For the life of me I cannot find exact definitions of terms, such as "Guest Fees", 'Occupancy Fees", although I am fairly confident Occupancy fee is WI 5.5% Sales Tax.  Lafayette township says they do not receive the 6% room tax from Airbnb.

I have to state  as a community fee charge on my listing . It appears I am being taxed on the room tax....a.k.a. "Community Fee" 


Lafayette says we need to pay 6% of what the guest paid. That does not seem right. Does anyone else deal with this. 

Thank you in advance 🙂 

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Finding clear information on tax definitions, like "Guest Fees" and "Occupancy Fees," in Wisconsin, can indeed be a challenge. Here's a pathway to gain clarity and ensure you're meeting your tax obligations correctly:


For statewide tax definitions, including sales and occupancy taxes, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue's website is the primary resource. They offer detailed tax information, which might cover "Guest Fees" and "Occupancy Fees.


Since Lafayette township has specific concerns regarding the 6% room tax not collected by Airbnb, reaching out directly to the township or local government can provide the exact definitions and requirements for these taxes in your area.


Airbnb has resources for hosts about how they handle taxes in different jurisdictions. Although they collect and remit certain taxes, understanding which taxes you're responsible for is crucial.


Navigating tax regulations and ensuring compliance can be streamlined with ** Regulations Manager. This tool helps short-term rental hosts stay informed about local tax laws and regulations, including those specific to areas like Lafayette township.



It seems there might be some confusion or a specific local ordinance in Lafayette regarding the "Community Fee" and how STR taxes are collected and remitted. Directly clarifying these issues with local authorities, leveraging resources ** to understand the broader regulatory landscape, and getting professional tax advice can help resolve your concerns and ensure you're compliant with all tax obligations. 


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Lafayette Township is in Wisconsin?