Host Referral Program Scam -Let’s Take Action!

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Host Referral Program Scam -Let’s Take Action!

I sat in my friend’s kitchen with her on January 17, 2024. I emailed her the referral link from my AirBnB dashboard on my phone.  We got on her laptop, opened the email, clicked the link and then clicked “Get Started”. We took photos, and wrote great descriptions…we went over every detail to create an appealing listing. Within weeks, she had FOUR reservations. All four reservations were over $100 and, as of April 13, 2024, they’d all been completed and paid out. So where was her sign up reward of $40? Where was my referral reward?


My friend had used AirBnB for travel, but was new to hosting. Her housemate had moved out, she remodeled her guest room and was ready to list it, becoming an AirBnB host for the first time.


I and my husband have been hosting since 2012. At one point, prior to the COVID lockdown, we had both a guest room and an entire house on AirBnB. We have 5 stars and been SuperHosts for several years.


I’m now battling with them about their failure to payout. I keep going back and insisting they payout. Every time, the excuse for non-payment is different. That, in and of itself, says a lot. I’ve been told that she didn’t use the link (lie), that the link was expired (impossible), that I invited her In 2018 and though she did not accept the invite, that precluded me from inviting her again (wtf?). The most recent excuse is that she was a host with an active listing back in 2012, but had taken the listing down (yet another lie).


Bottom line, we all brought a new host to them which, in turn, brought them profits, and they found some excuse to avoid paying. I am looking for others who are interested in exploring a class action lawsuit. Message me.

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Same exact thing is happening to me! So far, I've received the referral bonus for 3 referrals but now battling my second one that they won't pay me for. I even have a screenshot showing my referral was pending and clicked on something the other day saying it could take up to 30 days to show in my account now that person I referred hosted her first guest. She's actually now hosted multiple guests. Went back today to check the status and my referral is no longer showing up!! It's like it never existed! Support wasn't helpful at all. They said after investigation I don't get it. Then after I sent screenshot he said he will further investigate and that Engineering will review it and get back to me. But an hour later they closed my case with no resolution!! I'm a co-host for this person's cabin and have helped her with so many details since before she even got the cabin. I'm so frustrated how Airbnb was dishonest about its program. It seems like such a scam to me and is so disheartening. Honestly makes me want to just set up a website and start taking direct bookings.