How polite to Decline the guest?

How polite to Decline the guest?


I am new to host and English is my second language. 
If am not comfortable with guest, how best to decline the guest?

I appreciate any advices!


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Burin, Canada

Try live chat with air B&B 

support. With your concerns. They are helpful.


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Toowoomba, Australia

"Thankyou for your interest in my airbnb.  I'm so sorry I am unable to accept a booking for the dates you enquired about.  Best wishes and safe travels,   Loan."


Thats what I said when I declined a guest who had no references.

Say “Thank you for your interest in our property! Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to accommodate your request for ______. We hope you have safe travels and we look forward to possibly accommodating your requests in the future!”

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Dublin, Ireland

I am afraid we can not confirm your reservation due to the high volume of bookings we are sorry for any inconvenience . 

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Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you for your interest, you may consider other properties that better suit your request.”

I often like to explain why and pass them on to another host.

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Springfield, Australia

I'm so sorry I'm unable to accommodate you on this occasion.  Hopefully I can in the future.  Many thanks for your enquiry. 

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Kaunas, Lithuania

@Loan103 The best way is to use AI (for example, chat GPD) and ask what you need:


How politely decline the guest in Airbnb in one sentence?


"Regrettably, we are unable to accommodate your stay at this time, but we sincerely appreciate your interest and wish you the best with your travel plans."

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Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Thank you for your inquire but at the moment we are doing some upgrades to the property and we'll be unable to host you during a couple of week.