Ideas for new host

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Ideas for new host


I am a new host looking for ideas to help me scale. 

View on AirbnbHome in McKinney · ★New · 3 bedrooms · 7 beds · 3 bathrooms





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I like in the description the stores and restaurants, I think I will  try that. lol

The bed situation is a little confusing 3 bedrooms 7 beds but then the description talks about 3   beds and a futon.  Also the  bathroom description is brief and confusing..

You have nice amenities for families with  younger children like the pack and play.  Finding comfortable safe places when you have younger children can be a challenge.  Maybe things like outlet covers  no sharp corners and something simple like a chain on exterior doors that a child can't reach because children can open doors when you just go the bathroom..  

Hi @Tonya205 Nice listing! Here are some brief tips that you may consider to help you scale your hosting:


-Research local listings to set competitive prices. Consider offering discounts for longer stays or during off-peak seasons.

-Respond to inquiries quickly. Good communication helps build trust and can lead to positive reviews.

-Small gestures, like a welcome note or local treats, can make guests feel special and improve reviews.

-Maintain a high standard of cleanliness. Provide comfortable bedding, toiletries, and essentials to enhance the guest experience. Hope this helps! 

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Hello @Tonya205I hope you don't mind but I edited your post to add a direct link to your listing. This way fellow hosts can view it easily and share their advice 😊



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Hello @Tonya205 ,


Beautiful home and I live in McKinney too. Looking at your restaurant list, it should have HARVEST as it is one of the most popular restaurants here. Also, if I were you, would talk to the local restaurants to see if they can give you a discount code when your guests go there. I see that you live away from Texas. Please talk to your property manager or someone helping you if they could talk to local businesses and get a code. In return, you can keep their flyers in your property like must-visit places.