Long term listings CDMX; tax and legal consequences

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Mexico City, Mexico

Long term listings CDMX; tax and legal consequences

I’m getting requests for long term stays up to a year.


1- What taxes should be considered, and its calculation

2- should a separate contract be made instead of just relying on the Airbnb booking? How is considering of course the payment through Airbnb.

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Bristol, United Kingdom

Your accountant is best placed to advise you on taxes @Juan3971 

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Swannanoa, NC

@Juan3971  Long Term bookings usually have different tax rules; you need to do some research for your municipality.


IMO, a separate contract is an absolute must for a booking that is in excess of 30 days.  Speak to a local realtor or vacation rental management company.  They may offer advice or assist you with managing your rental property for long term rental.


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