Low Season strategy

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Grüt, Switzerland

Low Season strategy

Do you use any particular strategy when entering Low-Season?
Maybe you know a way how to attract long-term bookings?

I will be grateful for any feedback on this. 😉


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Wilton Manors, FL

”Any revenue is better than no income.” 

Carefully monitor your comprtition and try to stay a little above their rates.  Don't race them to the bottom

Monitor rates constantly.  Price each day based on your slowest check-in dates to your busiest.  Do promotions constantly.

Discount weekly and monthly stays. Never say No to a guest.

Always suggest an alternative. 

Update your pictures.  Run your verbiage through AI, but edit it so it doesn't read like it was run through AI.

Allow one night stays during the week.  ( if you have a cleaning fee) Consider reducing the fee for 1 or 2 nights. It will also help keep your housekeeper busy) and happy.

A one-nighter sometimes becomes a repeat guest and extends their stay. Repeat customers usually are not as price conscious.  .Accept reservations up till 10:00PM. With a smart door lock interfaced with AirBnB’s  platform, and using automated messaging a guest can book, get a door code, and 

check out before you even realize you had a guest.
Price weekends higher. With 2 day minimums. 
Please understand none of my suggestions might work for your property. Each AirBnB is different.
Please share any other suggestions. Good or bad I want to hear them.
Last but not least.  I was taught that if you never had a rental go bad, then you have turned down good business.

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Fort Worth, TX

Looking for a guest to stay long term/mid term during a low season? Try searching your area for 1 week and 1 month long stays in your same type of place Room/ or entire space. Get an idea of what the others are charging. Nothing to compare nearby? Try searching in a comparable city near you.


Then place your daily rate as the same daily rate of hotels nearby....then go to your calendar and set a 1 week discount and a 1 month discount. I use a daily rate of around $80 a day...I then rent out an entire room for around $1100 for the month. Feel free to browse my listings. Not sure if you are a luxury bnb or just old fashioned good neighborhood with a nice home. Mine is the latter. Hope this helps!

Nice and practical tip! Thanks 😊👍

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Salt Lake City, UT

I am experimenting with a sales discount that seems to help fill in during this slow season.  I already have discounts for week long and month long stays.  I also monitor what others with similar spaces are charging and keep mine just a little bit below that.  I am considering just lowering my regular rate rather then running the sale.


Thanks, Kay, for your advice! 😊👍

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Denver, CO

I don’t….I just set ‘Smart Pricing’and let it run its self…..it tried for awhile, long booking are nice, but, this is my main job all I have to do…So the short term aren’t too bad for me.  I don’t mind the length of term….for right now any way… pretty new to having 2 properties going….not any sort of text nerd….smart pricing set it and, forget it🙂

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What we do for low season is pay attention to our market area research and price change slightly below the average nightly rate. We also accept more 1 night/last minute bookings (weekdays only) slightly above the local hotel nightly rates. We also use Pricelabs software and adjust according to the local area activities.

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Canary Islands, Spain

We have switched to a seasonal model and include the following for strategy:

- full / partial closures;

- 3 night minimum booking;

- discount promotion offers vs set weekly, weekend or monthly discount models;

- live in hosting vs employee hosting models;

- free use / access (not advertised) laundry offered to guests who do arrive;

-absolutely no same day booking acceptance;

-absolutely no walk-ins or check-ins without scheduled appointments;

 Good luck, we have adopted the above strategys for long term growth and long term sustainable profit development.  This comes from the bad and losses suffered from experience doing the opposite of the above strategys. 


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Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico



We operate 25 units in Puerto Rico and we had some low season  but we managed to eliminate it. 


I think the trick is to sell an experience, not just a place to stay. If that makes sense.