Major Slow Down in Bookings

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Westlake Village, CA

Major Slow Down in Bookings

Hello everyone. I have been booked almost every week since February and suddenly the booking requests have stopped for December and the rest of 2023. Is anybody experiencing this? My listing is in Topanga near Malibu California.

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Toronto, Canada

Hi @Amanda1947 ,

Really sorry to hear about this. Did you also manage to connect with Hosts near you to know if they are facing the same issues?

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Hi @Bhumika,


I have not. I'm not sure how that would help me?


I had constant bookings back to back and well over a hundred reviews. I'm not sure what could be done at this point to improve the listing. This seems to be more of an issue with the algorithm and the market. 





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New River, AZ

yes indeed, most place and "Snowflake" was full except for three days last March and March 2023 only had three bookings for the first time I just lowered the price about 10%

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London Borough of Waltham Forest, United Kingdom

Yes indeed I have not even received any enquiries let alone a booking for the mid section of my calendar for December, and nothing for most of January s d so forth. I noticed also that Airbnb advertising seems to have stopped on the tv recently? Usually you can’t get enough of it??