Major Slow Down in Bookings

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Westlake Village, CA

Major Slow Down in Bookings

Hello everyone. I have been booked almost every week since February and suddenly the booking requests have stopped for December and the rest of 2023. Is anybody experiencing this? My listing is in Topanga near Malibu California.

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Rawai, Thailand

Hi, If you follow the CC you will see lots of post on the same subject there is no magic answer.

But it does seem a massive slow down in America has the supply outstripped the demand were every man and his dog thought he could jump on the airbnb bandwagon,

I just read this morning a million homes on airbnb are facing bankruptcy and that was on more than one news outlet,

Airbnb moving in other directions take a look

All you can do is to be listed on other platforms dotn rely 100% on airbnb


@Sudsrung0  Can you provide the link to the article about bankruptcies, please? I can’t find it.

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Placencia, Belize

These apartment complexes started 2-3 years ago, now hitting the market. In not the distant future entire new STR neighborhoods (with separate homes) will be doing so. Add a million new dwellings specifically build to enter the market with a lot of sizzle and the future is unpredictable. Just yesterday we were the only ones in our area (an island), today we have 13 competitors trying to take our lunch money. 🙂

Is the economic cycle of life, nothing personal.

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Castro Valley, CA

I have exactly the same issue. I don’t know what it is. It was booked every week and now nothing. 

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Medford, OR

Same here in Medford, OR-

We booked an average of 20 days/month up until December, when our bookings suddenly dropped off and we literally have None for the next few months. We use the 'Smart Pricing' and our nightly pricing is lower than it was, to no avail. What now?


Same exact problem here in Eugene. I'm new, but averaged 2 bookings a week. From November on, dead. I have no idea why. It's bizarre. In September I was told to increase my prices. In November it was suggested I cut prices nearly in half. I did, but no change. Sad, because it was going so well. Not sure if this is something I should continue to invest in. Something strange happened, for sure. 


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Toronto, Canada

Hey @Judy900 ,

Your worries are understandable, with such gaps in bookings. Have you connected with other hosts in your area to see if they have experienced anything similar?

Could it be worth looking into it and seeing if it is just a slow period in a specific area?

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This is my 5th year as a host, I'm normally booked solid and I have nothing but one group in September. My prices were the same as always but dropped them. I have no pet fee, $25 cleaning fee, great reviews and have been superhost 4 years in a row. My friends and neighbors have also seen a decline in business. We live 70 miles south of Jackson Hole and Yellowstone so have lots of tourism. I was booked solid before covid, during covid and after covid, now it's dead. I've noticed airbnb has quite a few fees that sometimes add a significant amount to the total.  

I noticed my reservations have stopped also.  I rent a room in my home at a resort, I'm usually so busy but have only had one reservation so far this year.  I can't figure out what's going on.

For some reason rooms are not generating income anymore.

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Roanoke, VA

We are experiencing the same thing. Worse than Covid times. We are usually booked and now nothing! Only 4 days in January, so far for February the same.


 I do think there are too many in the area and even though we have kept a 4.99 rating, it’s not helping.


Just keep up the good work and stay positive for a better 2023.

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Greenville, SC

I’ve been doing some research on my own area (Maui in general, Wailea in particular) as far as occupancy, # of rental units, etc., along with comparisons to 2019 and 2021. This includes all vacation rental units, not just the ones listed on Airbnb.


My area actually had a decrease in number of vacation rentals available. I think this is because Airbnb cracked down and got rid of about 1800 illegal rentals.


In looking at the figures in my area, the problem seems to be a decrease in rental demand. In mulling it over, I think this is because of a couple of things:


1) Visitors discouraged not to come because of “overtourism”,

2) more expectations from visitors - full refund cancellation policies, low fees, lower prices, and sustainability features all seem to be at the top of their list of priorities. With the economy starting to stall (tech layoffs, higher interest rates, lower occupancy levels, etc.), it puts the guest more firmly in the driver’s seat as far as insisting on their list of demands. It’s currently a “guest market”, rather than a “host market”. This see-saws back and forth through time depending on the associated supply/demand conditions,

3) inflationary pressures and a depression in stock market values

4) recent articles by major publications like Fodor’s that put Maui on the “top places not to visit right now” because of 1) above.


I think my area might be an outlier as far as reasons for the decline in bookings, as issues like oversaturation and the Airbnb summer release seem to be weighing to a greater extent on hosts in many other areas around the world. Still, I thought I’d describe the possible reasons in my market. Not all of us are as affected by oversaturation and/or the summer release. There are a lot of conditions in play right now.


@Veronica1100  You look like Brittany Spears!

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Coahoma, TX

OMG Honey , it's just not only you and your area . As baffling as it is and as targeted as it seems its apparently  epidemic and widespread nationally .

  I opened in August.  Stayed steadily Booked with no time for even a breath between guests . On the first of January , it was announced I had achieved  super host  status. As if prearranged, it's fallen silent . Not but one 0r two inquiries I'm near positive  Were bogus or nair de wells flying under the radar. Naturally  , those were a firm  'No .' From Christmas  Day onward , crickets chirping , dust blowing  and spaghetti  western  theme songs playing in the back ground . This entire area of the Permian Basin  has all but fallen silent . It doesnt seem to pick and Choose . Nobody in our general area is renting. Even the stray overnighter has become a rare occurrenc.  I've spoken to other hosts in this area . Nobody's  doing much better.  The guest has become  a rare bird . My guests were predominantly  associated  with the local refinery's, pipelines and wind farms that flourish  here . As far as I can tell all these are still thriving.  They just arent booking their people with Air B n B . Its widespread.  Following  suggestions  and tweaking  My stays daily has had no effect.  I feel it's something  we will Have to wait out.  It's quite devastating  in so many levels. it will turn around but at its own choosing .  we have to wait it out I suppose  or get that part time position weve all been avoiding and dodging.  As if this time of year isnt trying  and stressful  enough on the majority of the population.  This to shall pass . Hang in there is the best I have to offer. 

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Boise, ID

Hi Veronica,


I've had the same issue. I had an AirBnB running for 2.5 years that was almost always totally booked. I keep my prices low, am close to downtown Boise, and am a mile from the airport. I am in an IDEAL location and am a superhost. My bookings went off a cliff in December and I had no requests up to now. I have decided to remove my listing as I am tired of being on notice and am planning to relist in April as I'm hoping the market will even out by then. 

Good luck!