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I'm trying to get a certificate on MassTaxConnect for a 2nd property. I already have an account. Under "account type" I can only find Room Occupancy 2019 and prior.

There is no choice for Room Occupancy consolidated.

Can anyone help with this?

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Hello @Samantha1054


Since you posted here a few days ago, I wanted to check if you found out about the 'Room Occupancy Consolidated' option. It could be helpful to reach out to the Support team for their advice in case you still need help.


I am reaching out to @Paddy46 one of our Hosts in Massachusetts, to see if they have found this option on the app.


All the best.



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I have not found a solution. 

Hi Samantha, 


were you able to ever figure this out?

No. I still can't see a choice for room occupancy after 2019.

Thanks for your response. Did you start a new account for each property on MassTaxConnect? or did you use the same account?


I logged into my account then went to ' Add a new account type or location'.


That's where I only see 'room occupancy 2019 and prior'.


I am running into the same issue and wondering if any solution was found yet?

no 😞

Good afternoon @Samantha1054 . I called the Department of Revenue, and they walked through where it was hiding. At the top left under your name, click Summary, then scroll down to where your previous Room Occupancy Consolidation section is listed, and then click Add a Room Occupancy Property. Then, on the next page, click Add Property. I guess all that makes sense now that I think about it since it's a "consolidation tax."




@Caroline2195 Ow wow! You did it!

Thank you so much for figuring it out and for the detailed visual!

I can't believe they don't make it easier to find.