Mid-directed my payments !

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New Sharon, ME

Mid-directed my payments !

I have been hosting for a lot of yeas and never had airbnb or vrbo reach and take my income  =NEVER ! But it did happen to me recently!  I had guest in January and when the  funds arrived it was very short $267 . Out of $858’ or so ? After many calls I. Was.   told that. it. was for Lizzie ? That was a guest from MAY. Of the previous year !  I redcrecall she gsdcsrtigedvwith extra polecat

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Community Manager
Port Moody, Canada

Hello @Beverly22, I am sorry about this situation. Have there been any updates since you posted in our community?


I'm forwarding your case to the relevant team for review. They should be in touch with you directly for further advice


Hopefully, this situation gets resolved soon.



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