More than 320,000 guests have been blocked or redirected from booking attempts

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More than 320,000 guests have been blocked or redirected from booking attempts

Would Naba please advise how many of each Hosts and Guests were impacted by this?

Can we assume that these figures are around 320,000 people under the age of 25 who may have been potential future users of ABB in general terms?

Does this mean that around 320,000 Hosts also didn't have bookings over these dates for whatever reason because of this party ban undertaken through the use of AI/ Machine Learning?


From other articles online that have appeared in the last week or so, there's a 50 mile or equivalent of 80 kilometer distance factored into account when imposing such restrictions.


Did the Trust and Safety Team factor into account maybe some under 25 year olds don't necessary wish to be molly coddled and prefer to be independent at their ages? 


Have they factored into account that some under 25 year olds may be living independently away from home and are traveling to their home locations for long weekends and been responsible citizens and having an overnight rest to break up their journeys?


Has it been factored into account some who have left home are within the 50mile/ 80 kilometer radius restrictions and have had family downsize to smaller homes and no longer have their room available to share with family and prefer a little Independence and not have their lives crammed by having to book a shared home?


Feedback from others here in CC how these decisions are impacting on you all either positively or negatively would be appreciated because we recall seeing some of you have had open conversations with pending Guests only to have them blocked.


Admins here in CC it would be appreciated if this article is left fully intact as it impacts on our Communities and without it, it restricts what should be an openly discussed matter that impacts on Hosting and Future consumer experiences with ABB.



Airbnb Party Preventer Naba Banerjee reduced Parties 55 percent in two years.


Meet Airbnb’s official party pooper, who reduced partying by 55% in two years
Published Tue, Sep 19 20231:08 PM EDTUpdated Tue, Sep 19 20234:23 PM EDT
Key Points
  • As the person in charge of Airbnb’s worldwide ban on parties, Naba Banerjee has spent more than three years figuring out how to battle party “collusion” by users, flag “repeat party houses” and, most of all, design an anti-party AI system.
  • The AI models look at hundreds of factors, including the reservation’s closeness to the user’s birthday, the user’s age, length of stay, the listing’s proximity to where the user is based, weekend vs. weekday, and whether the listing is in a popular location.
  • There was a global 55% drop in parties reported on Airbnb between August 2020 and August 2022, according to the company, and since the worldwide launch of Banerjee’s system in May, more than 320,000 guests have been blocked or redirected from booking attempts.

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Add to the mix, when State of Emergencies and Disasters occur, it is likely that Guests, including those under the age of 25 years may need accommodation within or near a 50 mile/ 80 kilometre radius of where they may have been living.


They to may have lost their accommodation.


Do we deny these people independent accommodation and independence?


Do we assume just because it's a Public Holiday or weekend that they are going to Party and cause havoc in our communities?

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Auckland, New Zealand

Note this number this is during Covid19 restriction era of 2020 to 2022.


If Naba would please provide a greater breakdown of regions etc where these blocks took place it would help us all to know how we can better society and our communities where these challenges with Parties are arising.


Thanks in advance




Alternatively Nathan (Nate) Blecharczyk  who is one of the co-founder of Airbnb and Chief Strategy Officer would you please provide us with this requested information?

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To my fellow Kiwis here in New Zealand, if your are under 25 years, do you really want to not be able to go surfing or away for a beach/ seaside one night or weekend holiday within an 80 kilometre /50 mile radius of where you live in the cities, for your mental and physical well being and not be able to book an entire home through ABB?


Some of our best surfing spots are within 80 kilometres of cities so come ABB **@Catherine-Powell @Tara-Bunch 

we do hope you rethink any likelihood of rolling this out in the smaller islands around the world.

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Thinking of throwing a party in an Airbnb over New Years? AI is watching you
Alan Granville08:00, Dec 22 2023


The holiday home rental service is turning to AI to weed out the risk of unauthorised and disruptive parties in local neighbourhoods.


It’s the festive season, and while the vast majority of people will be partying responsibly, Airbnb is using some high-tech to target those who may not be.

The holiday home rental service is turning to AI to weed out the risk of unauthorised and disruptive par...

Last year, it brought in anti-party measures which saw approximately 880 guests in New Zealand blocked or redirected from attempting to book on Airbnb over New Year’s Eve. That included approximately 300 guests in Auckland, 45 in Christchurch, and 35 in Wellington and Queenstown.

This year, Airbnb will use AI to target the rentals at risk. Certain one-to-three night bookings identified as potentially higher-risk for a party incident will be blocked out.


“The technology looks at hundreds of signals that could indicate a booking is higher risk for this type of incident, like the duration of the trip the guest is trying to book, how far the listing is from their location, the type of listing they’re booking, and if the reservation is being made at the last-minute, among many more,” Airbnb said in a statement.

Airbnb horror stories: When homeowners and guests were left fuming
Airbnb's great most of the time, but when it goes bad it can go really bad (video published September 2018).


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Naba Banerjee, Head of Trust and Safety at Airbnb, said the company is “focused on taking a thoughtful approach that aims to benefit hosts, guests and neighbourhoods”.

“We’re optimistic these measures will help have a positive impact for the communities we serve.”

New Zealand is one of the first countries to use the Airbnb AI, along with the US, Canada, the UK, France, Spain, and Australia.


In 2019, Airbnb started anti-party measures in response to a deadly shooting at a US rental during Halloween.

A year later, it suspended more than 300 listings in New Zealand as “part of a concerted effort to crack down on listings that violate” its policies on parties and events.

In one instance, an Upper Hutt property owner had been left fuming after a place he rented out through Airbnb was used f...