North Cyprus hosting regulations/ taxes

North Cyprus hosting regulations/ taxes

Hi, I'm new to Air and looking to start hosting in North Cyprus (TRNC). Anyone else living in the UK and hosting in the TRNC that could give me some advice about the regulations for short term rentals and associated taxes? I've been researching online but struggling to find what I need, lots of info relates only to Southern Cyprus. Many thanks in advance 

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Hi @Erika1216 


Welcome to the hosting community in Northern Cyprus. It's definitely a great choice with its stunning landscapes and rich history. I'm based in the USA too and host in TRNC, so I can share some insights based on my experience.

Firstly, it's important to understand that Northern Cyprus operates a bit differently compared to many other regions. There isn't a specific national framework for short-term rentals like Airbnb, so a lot of the regulations can vary by locality.

For taxes, be prepared to handle a few different types:

  • Income Tax on Rental Income: The rate can vary between 20% to 35%, depending on how much rental income you earn.
  • Property Tax: This is charged annually and the rate ranges from 0.1% to 0.6% of your property's value.
  • Annual Tax on Cleanliness: It’s a fixed rate of 100TL covering services like garbage disposal and road cleaning.

Since you're starting out, it's crucial to check with local municipal authorities about any specific rules or permits you might need. I found it really helpful to consult with a local legal advisor when I first started. They can guide you on how to register your property, and ensure you're compliant with all the local regulations. This is especially important since you're managing the property from the USA.

Also, connecting with other hosts locally or joining real estate or tourism groups online can be a big help. They often have firsthand tips and can keep you updated on any changes in local laws.


Feel free to reach out if you have more questions, and best of luck with your new venture in TRNC. 

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Hello @Erika1216, welcome to our community!


Have you had the opportunity to read the great suggestions from our Host? Here is some additional information that might be useful: Responsible hosting in Cyprus


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