Occupancy Taxes

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Halifax, Canada

Occupancy Taxes

I have a single property in Nova Scotia, Canada. I am responsible to collect and remit two types of taxes - 15% sales tax to the federal government & 3% occupancy tax to the local municipality. A few months back I registered in the app for Professional tools and added my sales tax number, so now AIRBNB gives me the 15% sales tax, but not the occupancy tax.


Each month AIRBNB makes the statement as follows: "In April, $35.78 CAD in occupancy taxes was collected from your guests and remitted to taxing authorities on your behalf." However, I know that there is no provision for them to submit the occupancy tax. It can only be done by the host.


I need to know how to get them to give me the 3% occupancy tax also.


Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Hello @Cyril398, welcome to our community 😊


I'm tagging some Hosts from Nova Scotia to see if they would like to share some advice:  @Kevin2758@Barbara3016 and @Lisa5083,


Here is an article about responsible hosting in Canada that might offer some additional insights.


I hope this helps!



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Hi @Cyril398 , I am in NS as well and I am facing the same problem.

Did you get a satisfying answer? Are you paying the 3% yourself, or does airbnb collect it and pays it directly to the province>




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Hey @Saskia171 👋


It's lovely to see you joining in conversations on the Community Center! I just wanted to pop by and share that if you type "@" and then the username, this will tag the member that you're replying to. This ensures that they get a notification that you've replied to them specifically 🤗 I've edited your comment to include the username in this instance so hopefully @Cyril398 will respond. 😊

I hope this helps to keep the conversation flowing, and if you've got any questions, just ask. 

Have a wonderful day! 🌼



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I was flummoxed by this as well.

My friend explained to me that what is listed as "occupancy taxes" is the HST that AirBnB is charging on the Guest Service Fee (Air BnB's HST from the fee that Air BnB collects). It's not labeled well, but the math seems to make sense.  

We are required to submit the marketing levy form and pay the 3% (but not for long, hopefully. You probably will have received the email saying the municipality is trying to get AirBnB to pay it directly).