Payout Stuck since Oct 23, expenses piling up, please help !

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Mumbai, India

Payout Stuck since Oct 23, expenses piling up, please help !

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We host upwards of 50 listings on Airbnb 
Hosts since 6 years now 
Superhosts for 5 years
We have a HUGE payout outstanding and held by Airbnb because of some technical issue/bug
We have been using the same Payout method since multiple years now without any issues, suddenly it has stopped working since October 23

The loop that we are stuck in is as follows

-We face an error on Airbnb Payout Section
-We reach out to Airbnb Support and open a ticket
-They ask us to delete Payout method and Re-add Payout method
-We follow their instructions and do the process as above
-They close the ticket prematurely without checking in with us
-After they close the ticket, we receive the same error as point one
-We reach out to Airbnb because We face an error on Airbnb Payout Section and the
loop begins again

We have undergone this above loop approximately 10 times now with zero
resolution, zero escalation and zero help

A total of 23 Tickets and 30 calls with ambassadors have yielded no solution
Our payment receivables keep piling up and have bulged to the above figures
We have zero recourse and zero help from Airbnb Customer Support

Anyone else facing the same problem ?
We just don't know what's happening 

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Bucharest, Romania

Same problem. No payout from 1 oct2023 (for 3  reservations) .No professional or concrete answers, any justification was provided.  

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Phan Thiet, Vietnam

I have the same issue! No payments received since september 2023!
Did the same as you, several bank account in different currencies: vdn and usd. All account get verified yet the payouts can't be processed!

I tried with my phone, with my laptop, so different devices and there's no help! I wonder why all these payments are held back?

Apparently this is happening in India and I'm a host in Vietnam. 
My daughter is a host in Belgium and she doesn't have any issues with the payments!

Isn't that weird?

Hi @Team140 , @Team139 

Seems like this is a recurring issue right now. A couple of suggestions:


  1. Try using a computer (not the Airbnb App) to delete and re-enter your bank information
  2. if that doesn't work, suggest you change to PayPal for payments until Airbnb gets the bug corrected (delete your bank info and change to PayPal on a computer (not the Airbnb App)

Maybe @Paula or @Breanna can forward this to the correct Airbnb Team? Seems like mutliple hosts having this same issue and most likely it's a problem on Airbnb's end.


Please let us know here if this works for you as it might help other Hosts. 

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Mumbai, India

Hey Joan,

Thanks for reaching out 
It's 28th Nov and I still do not have any solution 

1) We used a computer throughout, same error throughout.

2) We can't see PayPal as a payout option, can you please enable that for us?

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Vagator, India

Hi - we are facing the exact sames issue. We havent received any payment since 29 Oct 2023.
What options do we have if Airbnb Agents - 1) Close our tickets without solving problem 2) Stop responding midway? Do you know how to reach out to their senior manager or anyone from Airbnb besides the failed Cust Supp Centre?

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Mumbai, India

And the payout failure started suddenly and without warning.
The quantum of money held back by them is so high, that its creating a worrisome situation for our business, there's rents to pay, salaries to disburse and Airbnb has the Lion's share of our revenue held back with them for reasons even their support ambassadors fail to diagnose.
We are stuck without any help, I'm hoping someone reaches out to us 

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Community Manager
Port Moody, Canada

Hello @Team140 and @Team139,


I am sorry to hear about this. As we are not part of the support team, there isn't much we can do here. However, we have made sure to send your case to the team for review. They should be in contact with you soon.


Please let us know if any of the advice given by our amazing Host Joan worked for you. Thank you, as always, for all your support, @Joan2709, and for keeping us in the loop.



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Mumbai, India

Hey Paula,

Thanks for reaching out 
Unfortunately, it didn't

1) We used a computer throughout, same error throughout.

2) We can't see PayPal as a payout option, can Airbnb please enable that for us?