Payout issue - Money not recieved

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Auckland, New Zealand

Payout issue - Money not recieved

I have still not received payment for a booking  4-5 November. It has now been 13 days since I received an email that the payout had been released. There is still no sign of the money in my bank account or confirmation in my AirBnB account of the payout being made.
I have had the complete run around from support so far and I am getting really annoyed. This is my last attempt to resolve the issue via support before finding a way to escalate via social media and senior management. 
I was advised to contact my bank - which I have done. They have provided the following information:

"A standard transfer between main banks takes 2 to 3 business hours. Some merchants / businesses use a third party system / software to do their payments through which can take 3 to 10 days but AirBnB should be aware of this and should let you know the timeframe.

Also ask AirBnb to confirm the exact number they paid to. If the money is not in your account by the timeframe they give you then AirBnB will need to do a trace / follow up with their bank or third party who does the payments on their behalf."

I did not sign up to AirBnB to have strangers stay in my home for free while AirBnB keeps the money.

Here are the facts from my end:

The reservation is still showing in my account as an upcoming payment
It is NOT showing in completed payments
The money is NOT in my bank
I have no way of checking the status of the payment at my end
I am not able to check the details I entered for my bank account in the dashboard
I am not required to complete tax information because I live in New Zealand
Has anyone else had this issue?
What did you do to resolve it?
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Johannesburg South, South Africa

I am having the same issue and cannot check that the money is being paid into correct account-Where does one confirm that number?

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Hi @Neil738 👋


I wanted to just pop by and share some articles that may support you: 

Setting up a default payout method

 Editing, removing, or adding a payment method 

Requests to update your payout method 


Have you also spoken to Airbnb Support to confirm the details? Let me know how you get on. 😊



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Hi Trudy did u receive ur money as I’m in the same situation and have not received and air bnb is nothing but useless in solving my issue. Just when I taut they were customer centric