Payout issue due to Country's Remitter error

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Payout issue due to Country's Remitter error

Hi everyone,

hoping to get a solution as soon as possible or maybe tag the right person who may assist in this situation


Our payout been having problem since November 2023 (the moment we changed our payment bank account)
there's no issue with our bank account but we have identified the problem but do not know who to reach out to.

even if we told airbnb CS but there's nothing can be done by them it seems


I am from Malaysia

the problem we facing here is that

we usually receive payment from 2 remitter

one of the remitter stated wrong information of our bank account resulting our bank to deny the payment and bounce back to the remitter or airbnb side.


what should i do or whom should i reach to about this?

any kind soul please tag the relevant party.

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Community Manager
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Hi @Siew38 ! Since you posted a few days ago, did you get in touch with Airbnb Customer Support as well to seek further advice?


Please keep us posted if the issue is resolved and you'd like to share some tips with other Hosts!




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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hi Bhumika

I'm really sorry for overlooking your message

No the issue wasn't resolved yet

is there anyway if You may connect me with the Airbnb support manager or the management team? i've been suffering for close to 4 months and i barely survive with this on and off payout...

thank you for your understanding and i really hope you may help me...