Reviews of people who rent on air bnb

Reviews of people who rent on air bnb

I have a person who reserved our unit for the best 3 months Jan, Feb, & March. We have each others email and we have exchanged emails. However he was supposed to fill out and app. and send 2 checks to my home owner. He lied to me twice last one he said he mailed them in on Nov. 20th but they said they have nothing from him. I emailed him twice and then sent message thru air bnb with no response. When I sent it thru airbnb does he not get a text telling him he has a message?
This guy has a 5 star rating and supposedly has rented many times. How do I know those are real reviews is one question. Second is now my calendar is blocked for those dates. Can I some how unblock them or does air bnb have to unblock. I would luv to cancel and not tell him.
Also does he have any skin in the game as far as money at this time? If I call airbnb I get someone in another country who has no clue about anything and they keep putting me on hold to ask someone what to tell me to address my issue. I appreciate any thoughts you might have.

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@Donald369 just because the guest may be causing issues do you really believe cancelling him and not telling him is sensible? Anyway putting this ridiculous behaviour to one side why are you emailing rather Than communicating on Airbnb? Also why are you demanding an application be filled out and checks sent when none of this is in your properties rules?

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Hi @Donald369 


I'm a highly experienced host and cohost and I too am struggling to understand what you are saying.


What is it your guest should be filling out? Why would your guests have to send your home owners association cheques? Have you made this a condition of booking on your listing/in your house rules that the guest needs to pay extra money directly to the HOA. If not you cannot enforce this.. Why are you assuming the guest is lying rather than post going missing or a mix up at the HOA?


No the guest won't necessarily get a notification from Airbnb that he has a message unless he signed up for receiving them. Many guests don't.


The guest will have paid when he made his booking;.


If you can give us an understanding of what the actual issues are we can try and help.


There is no reason to believe his reviews are fake.


You can of course cancel but you will be rightly charged cancellation penalties.


It seems that you would benefit from familiarising yourself more about how Airbnb works as a platform to market your STR business. The Airnbnb Help website is a good resource.