Room tax

Room tax

Where do  I go to enter my earnings for every month I booked in The Turismo page!

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Hi @Sonia1722 ! Welcome to the Airbnb Community Center🌻

As I am not quite familiar of the question, I am also reaching out to some of our experienced Hosts in the Community @Mike-And-Jane0 @Helen3 @Helen744 if they have any suggestions for us in this regards.


Have you received any further information since the time you posted by any chance? Do keep us updated!




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@Bhumika I assumed @Sonia1722 was talking about some Italian (?) tourist tax website hence I have no idea. Is there an Italian Community Centre that could help her?

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@Sonia 1722, I do not know where those particular earnings came from but not Airbnb. If you are on different sites then each site must be accounted for ,off platform ,and reconciled on your personal income tax with your accountant... H