Short term rental insurance in California / Santa Barbara in particular

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Short term rental insurance in California / Santa Barbara in particular

Hi all, 

We are considering putting our beach house on Airbnb and understand it is wise to get a short term rental / landlord insurance. Our home owners and umbrella insurance company is Farmers, and our agent informed me that they do not cover short term rentals.  What companies do you use for landlord insurance in California? Thanks so much! 

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Hi there @Ivona42,


I'd like to share 👉this thread where some of our lovely hosts were providing their advice on this topic. Please take a look and feel free to reach out to any of our hosts.


I hope this is helpful.



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Thanks, @Paula ! I think these responses are a bit old. The insurance landscape in CA has changed quite a bit since than. I'm still not clear, why an additional insurance is needed since there is AirCover. What are the specific things that will not be covered? Thanks!  

Hi @Ivona42 , did you have any luck finding home insurance & liability coverage for your STR? I have a home in Southern CA that we are trying to insure. 


Regarding Aircover, I've read a lot of host stories online that Aircover was very difficult for them to recover any liability claims from so we are looking for our own coverage separate from Aircover.