Touristic rental licence Turkey

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Kampala, Uganda

Touristic rental licence Turkey

Dear co-hosts in Turkey,


I assume we have all received an email by AirBnB informing us that they will delist our properties if we do not upload our touristic rental permit by 1 May 2024. I am concerned about this as AirBnB tries to make us accountable for something that is outside of our sphere of control and influence. Personally, we have applied for our licence and we know many hosts in our area have done the same, as early as January 2024. It seems no one has yet received the licence, as the authorities are overwhelmed. Can we rally a community here to request AirBnB to change their requirement of uploading the licence, to uploading proof of application for the permit? Only proof of application is within our sphere of control, not the issuance of the actual licence. 


Looking forward to hearing the perspective of co-hosts in Turkey!


Best regards,

Heleen van der Beek

host in Turkey since 2011

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Bristol, United Kingdom

Airbnb won't have any choice but to only allow those with appropriate STR licenses to list when restrictions come in @Heleen38 

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Doha, Qatar

I completely agree with the idea of Airbnb to extend the due date (1st May) or allow us to insert the application number instead of the license number. 

I might be one of the earliest host who have applied (same day when it was published) and I have received legal approval and notice for the payment for documents and registration plate. I have paid immediately, 3 weeks ago, and still have not received the registration number. 

I tried to call ministry but no response, later we went to the relevant department in our town (Mugla) and we were told that none of the registration have been prepared yet, it is planned to start printing the number in last week of April 2024.

Airbnb should not demand an unreasonable date which does not comply with local facts.

Hi Ali. Could you share a info of how did you apply for approval?