I ordered payoneer card. It arrived and I activated it. Then I tried to connect it with my airbnb account...but i simply can't. I go on PAYOUT / ADD PAYOUT METHOD / PAYONEER  CART... then it just takes me to Payoneer home page. 

Payoneer customer support told me I should call AirBnB.
AirBnB customer support told me I should call Payoneer.

I spin in circle for couple of days. Any idea what should I do??

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Osun, Nigeria

I have the same issue. I received an error info on my payout page after 2 days delayed payout. The message says my payout method does not work that I should delete and add it again. I tried to add Payoneer again but it took me an error page on Payoneer side. Airbnb referred to Payoneer and Payoneer said I don’t have any issue on their side and referred me back to Airbnb. This has been going on throughout today. Please can someone help out.

How did you solve the problem? I have the same situation?