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We have a large 1-bedroom apartment in San Francisco, which we used to list on Airbnb when we lived in the city, but are now living abroad in Europe. We've had a long-term tenant for the last year or so, who will be leaving this summer. We are starting to look into short-term rentals until we return to the States, however understand that we are limited to 30-day plus reservations. 


Does anyone have experience with this? There doesn't seem to be a lot of information listed online regarding the topic. Specifically, I want to understand what the demand is like for furnished 30-day rentals so that I can price accordingly. The goal would be to capture the average monthly rent we were getting from our tenant, but I imagine it will be impossible to achieve full occupancy given the 30-day limit. I would consider our unit "premium", and we were earning towards the higher end of the market for a unit our size.


For anyone who has done 30-day plus rentals, how often do you get requests? What is your average occupancy rate? While we are supposed to return this fall, there is some uncertainty around that date, so want to understand our options as much as possible. Thank you in advance!

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