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How do I get real live manager at Airbnb to talk to me? They’ve been paying my taxes to the wrong town. I’ve made endless calls and sent numerous emails. They tell me a manger will call or I get an email saying we will get back to you. Then I get an email saying the case is closed but no one has addressed the issue. I’m getting very frustrated. I get many bookings through Airbnb but I think I would be better with a different service. I can’t recommend anyone in my community use Airbnb and it is an area where most of the houses are short term rentals in million dollar homes.

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Airbnb CS is some kind of tombola, if you have a winning ticket you get an answer !

Maybe try Twitter (account AirbnbHelp).


Your listings shows it is in Blue River, Colorado

The taxes are  (copy/paste from booking form):


Local Sales Tax (Blue River) (Colorado)

Local Sales and Use Tax (Summit)

General Sales and Use Tax (Summit County Housing Authority)


The Airbnb Tax-info for Colorado is mentioned here:

Occupancy tax collection and remittance by Airbnb in Colorado


Hope this helps

Re: Airbnb lack of customer service

Ellicott City, MD
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I know exactly where the taxes should go. I’ve even sent them longitude and latitude to confirm my location in Blue River.  They continue to pay Breckenridge and not Blue River. So then I have to pay Blue River so I’m not charged with tax evasion. Maybe I should go on Twitter.

Re: Airbnb lack of customer service

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Hi @Kelly-And-Bill0, welcome to the Community Center, and I'm sorry to hear you're having this issue. I checked in with the Support team for you and they confirmed that they have a case open for you on this with the specific team relative to the issue, so it could be that the tickets that were closed are duplicate ones perhaps. Fingers crossed you should hear back from them soon 🙂


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