Beware of fake Airbnb websites scam

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Lisbon, Portugal

Beware of fake Airbnb websites scam

I recently was almost about to book for a place and the host sent me a website that looks Really identical to the official Airbnb site ,  new users could be easily fooled by this as i almost was, i almost paid through this site since everyone says that its fine to book a place and avoid scams so long you book through the Airbnb website but no one ever mentioned of there being fake identical Airbnb websites that even if you book through the site you will still be scammed and not get a refund, i just wanted to make people aware of this so that they cannot be scammed and lose money through this method.

just beware of this site hopefully Airbnb can take this website down since its impersonating being a trademarked site.


[Link removed for safety reasons]

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New York, NY

Another scam -


they are renting this independent of airbnb but insists on 1st and last month payment to be via airbnb and paid up front. 

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Honolulu, HI

Thanks for sharing @Yara13 

Hi all, please be aware another scam with the following name, email and link:


Ana Lopez / Ana Maria Lopez


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Bern, Switzerland

thank you, it helps me a lot! I thought the offer it’s too good to be true and there were some red flags in the email, so I began to google…😊

thank you thank you thank you!!!

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London, United Kingdom

so as someone that is currently in between houses, i have been staying at a lot of airbnbs. i decided to take a look at facebook market places and honestly PLEASE AVOID THIS. Almost all of them asked for my email address to send me more information and pictures (this was in the Wembley Park area), and then added how they wish to take payments and have everything being taken care off through airbnb so that our money is safe. upon doing this i found this thread and found the pictures that i received by email on @westpointhomes_ twitter account. There’s a lot of them out there and if you’re reading this then please do your re search before booking or even clicking on links. 


i truly hope no one here gets scammed like this. 

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Manizales, Colombia <--- they're using this new link, almost pay 1700 euros.

Be careful

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Hamburg, Germany

I have a link I am unsure of, it starts (number changed). Is this legit? 

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Bristol, United Kingdom

Of course it isn't @Lukas293  it's 


If you saw something advertised on a third party site it's a scam.


If you want to book on Airbnb go onto their platform and use their search function to find something is what was sent to me and it doesn't even look like he tried to be convincing 

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Rio Rancho, NM

This happened to me with this website claiming to be legitimate. I didn't pay, though, so I'm really relieved... This person even went so far as to imitate a real professor! Yikes! 

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Silver Spring, MD
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Guate, Guatemala 


Lara Rundle is the ''host''. Careful with this person and the link is fake. 

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England, United Kingdom

Here's another one maybe? https:/

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Seville, Spain

Hey, please beware of these link:


Those xxxxxx have scammed me about 240 euro

Here is another one. It happened today. I just sent the money. Is there any way I can get it back.

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Sayulita, Mexico

@Yunus-Emre4  Don't know how you paid, but if it was by wire transfer or credit card or bank draft, talk to your bank or credit card co. Asap to see if you can get payment stopped.


You never send money on Airbnb. Airbnb charges the payment method you have on file with  them, and holds that payment until 24 hours after a guest checks in.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

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Sayulita, Mexico

@Adrian2543  Yes, it is fake- you can tell that without clicking on the link- that isn't an Airbnb URL.


I got scammed £1300. It's absolutely heartbreaking. It's left me broke and homeless. 

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