Changeovers in France near Angers postal 49140

Bampton, GB
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We have a riverside cottage overlooking Le Loire in a village called Seiches sur le loire. Its perfect for Airbnb but we need somebody to do changeovers. Our French is not that good so English speaking would be nice.


We host in the UK and understand the critical importance of the quality of the service  at each changeover.




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Re: Changeovers in France near Angers postal 49140

Angers, France
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Hello Mark,

I only see your message and request now.
I am a new company specialising in short term rental management/property management and concierge services.
Are you still looking for someone to look after your home in Seiches-sur-Loire?
Don't hesitate to contact me: Amkeys, Angers. Check out my Facebook profile to get my contact details.
Best regards,



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