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Hello everyone,If you have any specific questions about how Airbnb works, how to manage your listing, how to accept a reservation, how to send a special offer, set payment methods and more, feel free to browse conversations in this section or you can star...
We looking for an apartment in Porto for several months rent (at different platforms)and during couple of days we faced twice this kind of rental process which was offered by landlordwe never faced it before? is it common case or is it a scum?I don't have... Latest reply by Emilie
My reservation was set in March 2022, and I verified the price twice with the host and Airbnb of $424 which I paid for. In October they raised the price to $3500 for a trip in Nov 2022. They then cancelled. i would like to be transferred to the Manager w... Latest reply by Quincy
Hello everyone, I am fairly new to hosting, 2 months in. I host 2 guest bedrooms in my house that I currently reside. I do not live full time at the house and can be out of states for up to 3months at a time. Currently I am doing everything myself when it... Latest reply by Quincy
I recently was almost about to book for a place and the host sent me a website that looks Really identical to the official Airbnb site , new users could be easily fooled by this as i almost was, i almost paid through this site since everyone says that it... Latest reply by Kristin1398