Investing in Airbnb through Micro ventures

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Mumbai, India

Investing in Airbnb through Micro ventures

I have come across,who is helping us invest in Airbnb shares ,if anybody knows if this is a genuine site or any information about the same please reply

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As a fellow investor, I get your concern about finding a legitimate investment platform. I haven't personally used, but I did some research and it seems to be a legit platform for investing in startups and private companies. However, I would advise doing your due diligence and research before investing your hard-earned money into any platform. You can also check out some reviews and feedback from other investors who have used the platform. Also, if you're interested in other investment options, there are many forex funding programs available that you can explore.


Were you successful in investing in Airbnb through Micro ventures?

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Dallas, TX

It is legit. I used them for my investment in Twitter and am working with them for a late-stage AirBnb Pre-IPO investment.

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