Cancelled due to "doesn’t appear to be legitimate"

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Cancelled due to "doesn’t appear to be legitimate"

I am currently having a horrific experience with Airbnb.  I had a PAST reservation cancelled. The guest have already stayed. Long story short, I don't see any resolution coming from Airbnb. 

My question is am I ok to go after the guest directly. I do not want to violate any Airbnb policies by doing this but I am also not willing to let it go. 

Airbnb will not give me any additional information regarding the profile or why the reservation payment did not go through due to "privacy."


I found out who they are based on my Ring cameras and plan to contact the guest directly to get a resolution. I will also file a police report and file in small claims. 



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England, United Kingdom

@Ruth1223 what a mess. As long as your Ring camera is disclosed I cannot believe that Airbnb can object to you taking the guest to court. Others may correct me though!

Can I just check - Has the guest been removed from the Airbnb platform? If not then Airbnb is being very naughty in not paying you whilst allowing a scamming guest to continue operating on its platform.

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