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    I recently cancelled reservation as a guest, but I forgot that in meantime I closed that very bank account from which I initially paid the reservation. The refund was automatically sent to that closed account. After I realized that I contacted Airbnb cust... Latest reply by Farah109
    I have a potential guest who has been trying to make payment to Airbnb in order to confirm the reservation. Apparently this has not been successful and her booking keeps getting canceled. She has offered to pay offline but I have declined. Has anyone expe... Latest reply by Philip2994
    I am trying to add a new payment method to my account through my account settings. When I follow the steps from Airbnb in this article there is no Add Payment Method button. https://www.airbnb.com/help/article/823/how-do-i-edit-or-remove-a-payment-metho... Latest reply by Нікіта0
    I will be renting a unit this August and this will be my first foray into Airbnb. I am quite excited because the apartment that I am about to occupy has all the necessary facilities, especially the kitchen tools, and for a lot less money than hotels, whic... Latest reply by Ruth931
    Hello! My husband and I would like to start hosting through Airbnb in PR. We haven’t bought yet but are looking to buy since prices are pretty low in many areas right now. I was born and raised there so I know the island but I’m nervous about managing it ... Latest reply by Lauren3560
    Do most hosts require verification of your guests? If so, do you think it turns people away from your listing when you're asking them to provide gov't ID's? Any feedback here is greatly appreciated. Latest reply by Som168
    Having a discussion with my husband about how to best track our expenses for Airbnb. We have a separate apartment we airbnb. The methods could be anything from a shoebox to collect reciepts, to opening a separate checking account with a debit card or a bu... Latest reply by Tom121