Credit Card Fraudulently Charged on AirBNB by AirBNB

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Credit Card Fraudulently Charged on AirBNB by AirBNB

My credit card was fraudulently charged on Airbnb, it was credited back right away the next day. I didn't notice this until my bank statement came in. The problem is that I lost out around $14 on currency conversion as I don't live in the US and my card was charged in dollars. I did not even log into my account for more than 7 months.


I contacted AirBnb regarding to the issue, my case manager was Sonyah.


I asked them why my card was fraudulently charged and requested the $14 loss I incurred. Sonyah's answer was that, they credit me back the amount that was charged, and they can't tell me anything regarding to why my card was used without approval. She said I have to take up the loss with my bank on my own which is ridiculous. 


Sonyah said its under their privacy agreement that they can't tell me anything. They will only release information to law enforcment officers or goverment agency with subpeona only. At first she tried to put the blame that its my friend or family that could have used my card. Then she said that since its credited back, my currency exchange loss may be due to bank charges which I need to take up with my bank.


AirBnb and Sonyah pretty much threw their own customer under the bus. They just lost a very valuable customer. I spend at least 30 days in hotels per year. 


If anyone has more tips, please do share. For those out there, never save your credit card on Airbnb website or app. I did a quick search on google, this issue happens often.

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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Hi, I would like to share my credit card "happy end" story in order to appreciate efforts of AirBNB support team.

What happened: found 2x charges of & 0 & $740 on my credit card. It was absolutely clear that scums got my cc details and used it about 16  hrs ago to pay AirBNB booking . 

First action: Contacted bank & blocked card. Requested to cancel the transaction. Bank rejected. As per bank procedure I filled transaction dispute form. Bank promised to settle down the case after the investigation. 

Regardless the negative feedbacks in this thread, I decided to report scums to AirBNB.

Step#2. Reported scums via chat from my profile. Politely explained in writing that reservation #xxxxxxx is fraudlent and requested to cancel it immediatelly. As a proof I attached screenshot from my internet bank. ChatBot suggested to contact support via phone to get immediste support. I called to support & explained the situation. Ticket was created & forwarded to security team.

Outcome: AirBNB support processed full refund in 24 hrs.


In total, it is worth to report scums to AirBNB ASAP. They really can help you on the spot. In contrast, bank may take 3 to 6 month to complete investigation. 

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Our credit card was fraudulently used to make an Airbnb booking. We reached out to Airbnb  and received the standard " a refund cannot be issued in cases in which we believe a friend or family member who has access to your payment method has used it unintentionally" message from Sangi. No assistance whatsoever to help us retrieve our money or to give us more insight into the booking.

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England, United Kingdom

@Deirdre128 You are wasting your time contacting Airbnb (or any company) about fraudulent use of a credit card. The only way to deal with it is via your card issuer.

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East Java, Indonesia

Hi, This issue just happened to me. I did not even log in to my account for these 2 months. But I got the detail transactions of Airbnb to my email. I checked my history login was safe, nobody else logged into my account. But how come, I billed some transactions from airbnb to my credit card?

I think that database of Airbnb is not safe, someone hacked the database and used it to fraudulent transactions.

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Same here. Two unauthorised Airbnb transactions yesterday on the First Direct VISA card belonging to my wife and me, one transaction for £60.81 the other for £42.10. I don't have an Airbnb account. My wife checked her Airbnb account. No such payments authorised nor showing. Today, the payment for £60.81 was reversed, but not the payment for £42.10. I've emailed First Direct secure y and instructed them to reverse both payments. The next thing to do is to go to Hampshire Constabulary to report Airbnb for fraud.

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OK, I've just reported the fraud to Hampshire Constabulary online, by completing a fraud report on

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London, United Kingdom

Hi all, this also happened to me in jan, £700 was taken and refunded 2 months later, no communication, no explanation and no accountability. Luckily I had a large enough credit limit to absorb it without a penalty, but I had to move money around to not incur OD fees on the account that pays my CC. With The number of people this has happened to is anyone up for taking the matter further whilst we have some time to formulate a strategy? 

i think this it wholly unacceptable and tantamount to stealing. They can’t even tell me if it was a security breach or just a systems error. I mean we could perhaps push some social media methods to force them to take action and give a suitable response.

they have claimed that GDPR prevented me form getting any information about what happened, whereas evidently MY GDPR rights/laws have been broken and they need to be accountable for this and i want to try and prevent this happening  again for future customers! If they have been breeched it is likely they are trying to cover it up and if they haven’t then it’s a system screw up and they need to make some reassurances that it will not happen again. 

if anyone is interested in joining me then I will look to find a way we can all discuss.


I suggest some social media publicising, Perhaps approaching a TV program or two?

but I’m open to suggestions.


their response is simply unacceptable!






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Toronto, Canada


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Guys, guess what, I just join the club with everyone, I just lost SGD3200 to the same AirBnB 14158005959 account. He made 7 transactions from the 4th Feb 2020 till 17th Feb 2020. But sadly I did not receive any SMS or email regards to this transaction from my Bank. So equally Bank and AirBnB suck in identifying fraudulent transactions. I just realise this today and block my card immediately and made a police report. 

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OCBC Bank claims will take 2 weeks for investigation and AirBnB did not help much, instead, they guide me on how to remove my card from AirBnB settings despite I told her the situation I'm in. I was shocked to see this thread, how on earth it uses the same AirBnB account number, same with all the others above. Is this scam done by Airbnb itself??? 

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Kota Kinabalu, MY

Too many frauds happen involving AIRBNB when I google and read the comments. My case was quite a recent occasion: AIRBNB 14158005959 GB -CNY784.35 = RM473.84 12Jan2020. Now I'm losing trust in AIRBNB. NEVER BOOK FROM AIRBNB FROM NOW ON!

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Phuket, TH

Same thing happened to me, was charged 2000 Yuan (Chinese currency). and reported to airbnb and my bank.


Once you report this to Airbnb they refund the amount however they won't have the same amount as charged probably because of exchange rates and bank charges but this is unacceptable. They would even tell you to cancel all your disputes with your bank and they willingly refund 100%. It seems like a scam to me. I would suggest you report to your card and they handle it themselves.

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Kota Kinabalu, MY

Same with me, fradulent reservation: AIRBNB 14158005959 GB -CNY784.35 = RM473.84 12Jan2020

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Someone also recently used my credit card details to book AirBnB accommodation to the tune of $1900 AUD. When I initially reported this to AirBnB, I received the standard response that I had likely given my credit card details to friends or family. They gave me no explanation about how they had reached this conclusion, which made me think that they had made no effort to investigate properly. I responded by vehemently rejecting such as insinuation, and eventually contacted the CEO. Much to my pleasant surprise, AirBnB provided a full refund within 48 hours. So it worth being persistent, assertive and polite.

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It's also essential that you report the fraud to your CC issuer and to the local police fraud squad.

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Altona Meadows, Australia

Yup I had the same experience too almost word for word especially that friends and family spiel. Must approach the CEO to get this resolved by the looks

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Melbourne, AU

Hi Jonathan,


the SAME THING has happened to me. My account has an unauthorised debit and Airbnb refuse to refund because they believe a family member or friend has used my card. I’m absolutely furious at this assumption which is totally false.


tgeg also won’t provide me with any details of the transaction unless I provide a subpoena- again ludicrous.


Now I’m wondering, how can I write to the CEO? I want this matter resolved!


Many thanks,


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I also suffer from the exact same issue.
Today I received an sms from my bank, telling from my card was just spent 1950 HKD internationally.
I called my bank immediately and told that i did not make the transaction.
My bank canceled my card immediately.
I will learn the details of the transaction tomorrow.

The sms is as follows.
airbnb @ hmadsjjh89 1937.05 HKD

As far as I understand, my card was used by airbnb in Hong Kong. HKD is hong kong dollars currency code.
I have never been in Hong Kong.

Obviously my card was copied or my card info was stolen.
This kind of fraud is commonly made in touristic places, like hotels or restaurants.
I had been in several places in Europe this year. Italy, France, Holland and Germany.
I strongly suspect that my card info was copied in Rome.
Because I only used my credit card for paying the hotel bill in Rome and Paris. All other payments, like restaurants and cafes I made by cash.

So were you also in Italy? Where did you use your card? Especially in touristic hotels?
I strongly suspect that my card was copied in the hotel that I stayed in Rome.
This kind of fraud is made in vast numbers, in hotels. And then the fraudelent personnel wholesale sell these card numbers to other crime organizations.

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Selangor, Malaysia

It's my 1st time using Airbnb and the same case happened. I received text from my bank on last night, that Euro1392.34 was charged to my card at Airbnb and given with a reference number. I contacted my bank immediately to report the fraud & they blocked the credit card for me. I was told that the transaction has been approved but yet to post to my ac. They will do further investigation on this matter. I haven't report fraud to Airbnb, will do so soon.

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Johannesburg, South Africa

I had a transaction of over $300 go off my card from airbnb. I immediately go to report it as fraud on my baking app and the same as a previous person, there is no transaction history in my account but the amount has been taken. Strange. I immediately call my bank and they cancel my card and refunded me within a few days. Bank says it looks like the fraud came through the website. However when i notified airbnb they pretty much said i should not dispute it with my bank and they will take it up (almost as if they do not want it to be investigated). They said they had the account associated with the unauthorised amount but they cant provide any detail further.  Whats concerning is that I have never ever had credit card fraud. Booked on airbnb 1 month ago and this.  In response to where the fraud originated they refuse to answer which clearly states they know it is through their website and peoples details are compromised but cannot contain it. 

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