I think someone from Airbnb is involved in a criminal scheme

Herceg Novi, Montenegro
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Hey there,


6 months ago I stayed in Ukraine for a few days. When I was outside of the apartment, someone got inside, just opened the door with a key (not even a break-in!) and stolen 2 laptops and watches (almost $3k in total). I didn't even noticed that someone was there until I started looking for my laptop and didn't find it. So, I called the police, they made an investigation file (extract from which I sent to airbnb),  and I've not heard from them since. Airbnb asked me to file a claim to their Protection Insurance and just wait. I've been waiting for 6 months and today got an email from their adjuster (they called intertechservices) that the case is closed because no results received from the police so far. They didn't ask me to provide any results before, and they've been pretty silent all the period of 6 months.


No notice. No requests. No results. No money. No trust. That's it.


Everything looks quite suspicious, doesn't it?

1. Not a break-in. Someone got a key, waited outside for me leaving the apt.
2. Silence from Airbnb and the adjuster during all the period.
3. The case closed without any reasons and clear explanations.


Hey Airbnb, I need explanations, and don't you bounce me to your adjuster again, I was your client, not their!


- If you needed anything why didn't you ask for it?

- How do you think I can get any results from the police remotely?

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