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Dear Host Community of Italy,


we are currently trying to complete out first income tax declaration for our holiday home (Province of Como, Lombardia) and are quite confused on the so called Airbnb Tax and related system... 


If I understand the legal decision from the european court correctly, Airbnb has sucessfully declined the obligation to automatically collect the 21% tax. 

However, I still find a lot of articles stating the opposite. Can anyone help with a definitive answer? Airbnb FAQs are also not very transparent here. 


Aside of that, does Airbnb provide information to the local tax offices and if so, can I find that information somewhere in my account? 


Thanks for any information and help! 

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Hi @Giulia973 ,

the Italian situation is obviously very local. I suggest you to come to the Italian community centre and ask all the questions you need. You will also find some previous discussion around the "cedolare secca". 

The Italians are the best ones to reply to your very Italian questions. 😄

Ask your questions here (In italiano! One for each post, you can post how many times you like).

See you there 🙂




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