Ban/disallow guests bookings (with previous bad experience)

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I think Airbnb should help hosts with a feature to ban/disallow bookings from certain guest wanting to book our house, let me explain the scenario:


There are occassions where we had a bad experience with a guest and we would provide a honest feedback in their reviews, what could happen in the future is think about this person re-booking our house in the future with the wrong intention for example have the opportunity to write a new bad review as a "revenge" (causing your scores goes down) or simple having an excuse to bother your life. 


What do you think about it? 





Douglas109 in
New York, NY
Level 8

5 years as a guest and I never gave any host even the slightest issue and never had an even slightly negative experience with airbnb.


6 weeks as a host and although most of my guests gave me no problems at all,  I'm seeing a pattern of disregard for what the hosts are calling attention to in regards to guests who have a history of breaking the rules. 


Disallowing bookings from certain guests is something that has to be implemented ASAP.

Sarah977 in
Sayulita, Mexico
Level 10

@Yacdani @Douglas109   The ability to block a user from booking with you again already exists.

Tony134 in
Sarasota, FL
Level 10

@Sarah977 are you referring to choosing "I would not host again" ? Or is there a separate place to mark this now? 

Sarah977 in
Sayulita, Mexico
Level 10

@Tony134    You can flag the user and I know there is supposed to be some way that you can prevent them from booking or contacting you again. I've never had to do so, but I've read on this forum that it is possible- maybe post the question in the Hosting forum, rather than Host Voice and I'm sure someone will tell you how to do that.

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