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It would be nice if there was an option to scale the prices by length of stay, or to estimate a surcharge for short stays, such as for one or two nights.Until now, it has only been possible to control this by including a cleaning fee, which is then scaled when the guest stays for longer, and the price per night therefore becomes better value. The best solution would be to create the option under the price settings. e.g.1. Price X for only one night. 2. Price XX for two nights 3. Price XXX for three nights 4. Price XXXX for four nights or more Many hosts only offer overnight stays from a minimum of three nights. I believe that this would change if you could choose a different price setting for short stays.

Response from Airbnb

We like this idea too and our team has begun allowing a few hosts to adjust pricing for different lengths of stays. If you're part of the test, you can now set discounts for stays between 2 and 6 nights, 1 week, 2 weeks, and 1 month. If the feature is available to you, you can set this up for your listing in the Pricing section. Next to Length-of-stay prices, click Edit and add your custom price. You can hear more about how Airbnb is adding pricing options in this Host Q&A, this specific question is covered minute 15:30 precisely. You can also find more details in this help center article


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Tina1 in
San Francisco, CA
Level 6

Many cities consider a short-term rental less than 30 days.   I'd like to offer a discount for 30+ days.  Airbnb calculates a month at 28 days. 

Administrator in
San Francisco, CA
Status changed to: In Development
Adam-and-Carol0 in
Kissimmee, FL
Level 2

I can't wait for this feature to go live. I'd like to be able to charge more for single night stays on certain properties.

Andrea1063 in
Collingwood, CA
Level 10

I have cleaning fees and people pay the same amount which is $20.00 whether they stay for a night or 5 months.  Its ridiculous, so yes, we should be able to set prices for length of stay etc.


Personally, I wouldn't discount for a longer stay because the cost of everything goes up; water, hydro, gas etc and so does the level work and attention I need to do when a person is here for a long time. 


You get people for weekends and that's a whole other thing and doesn't cost that much.  Long term -- I've had people shower twice a day;  cook up a storm; leave lights on all the time.  It costs a lot and I'm getting $20.00 for cleaning fees for a 5 month stay LoL.  


You'd think that no one at Airbnb owns a home or knows that the more people, the longer the stay, the more it costs.  I wish they stop sending those lower your price emails.  Why not encourage those that are low-balling to raise their prices to area norms.  Seems pretty stupid trying to get us to lower ours to be in-line when them. 



Zvonko1 in
Trenta, Slovenia
Level 1

I would also like to charge more for only 1 night, I think I would get much more bookings. But for now I will stay at min 2 nights, if Airbnb doesn`t offer this option. :)

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