Instant Book guests should be allowed to select check-in ONLY within Host's stated window

Instant Book guests should be allowed to select check-in ONLY within Host's stated window

I recently received an Instant Book, along with a message from Airbnb that "Guest's check-in time is: 2PM - 4PM"


Which is nice, except that my stated check-in is after 3pm.


Guests should ONLY be allowed to pick a check-in time that is within the host's already specified window. The current set-up gives the guests the mistaken impression that they can select any time. If a guest needs something outside of a hosts' stated offering, that needs to be sent through as an inquiry, not an InstantBooking.


On another forum an IB guest selected a noon check-in on a listing with a 3pm check-in and ended up waiting in a cafe for 3 hours. As a host, I do all I can to set reasonable expectations and delight guests by exceeding them. Airbnb is working against hosts by setting expectations we can't reasonably meet. How can a host possibly have a listing prepped by noon when checkout is 11am and it takes 2-3 hours to clean?


Please fix this issue ASAP!

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I absolutely agree, I had an inquiry from a family who wanted to check-in at my chosen Check-out time of 12:00noon.


In answer to your final question Allison, "luck" would be the answer and running a service relying on good luck as a driver is the road to perdition.






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@Allison2 100% with you Alisson 

i had a guest who book my apartment and wanted to check in at 9am when clealy state 2pm asap i received the booking i told her i coul not accomodate her request as i have guests staying at apartment


she immediately called ABB to cancel and got 100% money


This feature is such a misleading point as well for host and guests

it is only relevant if it is in accordance with host check in and check out time

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I completey agree!  My check in time is clearly stated as 4pm or anytime after.  This is a completely reasonable check in time, similar to most major hotels.  But then today I got a reservation request asking for check in of 2-4pm. 


If my guest requests an early check in time, I try to accommodate it whenever possible.  I also offer early check-ins for a discounted fee (because letting them come much earlier than 4pm means I have to block out my propert for the night before their arrival!).  But this Airbnb feature is setting unreasonable expectations and putting me in a difficult position.